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My name is Brian J. Hertzog, and the world is my office. What exactly do I mean? For this story, I’ve teamed up with Samsonite, on a two-part adventure-packed series called, the “Out of Office Diaries.”

If this is your first exposure to my work, welcome friend. If you’re familiar with my style, you know I don’t recommend products, books, or services I don’t use or believe in whole-heatedly. That said, I’m thrilled to collaborate with Samsonite on this project. Travel and exploring the unknown corners of life and the world inspire my creative side perhaps more than any other influence. So, without further ado, let’s go exploring.

What do I do?

The idea that a title defines you, or determines your value to society, has never sat well with me. From a utilitarian perspective, titles are useful organizational tools for establishing chain-of-command, but otherwise, I’m with Shakespeare on this one, “What’s in a name?” I describe myself online as a Blogger, Marketer, and Entrepreneur, which I feel is an honest representation of how I spend my time.

The path that led me where I am today was hardly conventional. I don’t think you choose the life of a businessman or the increasingly popular word, “entrepreneur” so much as it chooses you. Most people see their primary occupation as their only method of earning money and contributing to society. When I define the word, entrepreneur, I equate it to, “value creator.” Thus, I believe anyone can be entrepreneurial with a little hard work and creativity.

I’ve studied the nuances of business and economics for just over seven years, and only now feel like I’ve built a foundation on which to expand my growing knowledge. I started my own venture this year, which I’m calling “Bicycle,” a subtle nod to Steve Jobs description of the computer as a bicycle for the mind. I like that metaphor.

A day in the life

The New Business | Samsonite Blog | Brian Hertzog

I live in San Francisco, California. When I graduated from my Alma Mater, Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio, I bought a one-way ticket to Silicon Valley. It became evident to me while in school that San Francisco was the epicenter of technology startups and I wanted to immerse myself as deeply as possible.

The first two-and-a-half years living in the Bay Area, I was a sponge, soaking up anything and everything I could learn via osmosis from the surrounding brilliant entrepreneurs and investors. That’s actually the real reason I started my blog. I was absorbing so much information that I needed a practical way to make sense of it all. Thankfully, writing was a good choice, because now I have a record of these lessons, which I share online for free.

I’ve been self-employed for six months. This means my “office” is a combination of my home, coffee shops, bustling co-working spaces, etc. I like to start each morning with a cup of coffee and my notebook, which I then use to plan out the rest of the day. When you work for yourself, maintaining organizational habits and practicing discipline is critical.

On The Horizon

The New Business | Samsonite Blog | Brian Hertzog

I’ve been writing my first book since the beginning of the year with a goal to publish it before 2016. That’s an ambitious, but achievable goal. As mentioned previously, I’ve also started my company, Bicycle, so most of my time right now is focused on nurturing that into a thriving business. Finally, I’ve been and will continue doing some consulting work for a few notable authors.

I love the freedom that today’s environment provides for the modern businessman or woman. Technology continues to shrink the world, a trend that shows no sign of slowing anytime soon. I know I’m lucky to work in this manner, and definitely don’t take it for granted. My first job was exterior home painting in the heat of Illinois summer, so I’ve come a long way since then.

I hope you’ll stay tuned for part two of my “Out of Office Diaries.” In the next post, I’ll be sharing how traveling has influenced my life and highlights from my recent visit to Denmark. You can find me elsewhere online, Instagram or Twitter: @bhertzog. My name is Brian and the world is my office, thanks for exploring with me.

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